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Casey, a white person with blue eyes and blonde/brown hair parted neatly to one side, looks directly into the camera. They wear a cream-colored top, that falls off their shoulder casually.

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"Casey is one of the most inspiring, passionate and lovely people I have ever worked with."
-Annelie Pennock, Senior Brand Manager at Reckitt (Durex, Reckitt)

Casey Tanner (she/they), AASECT-certified sex therapist and creator of @queersextherapy (200K+ followers), is a global thought leader in millennial and Gen Z gender and sexuality. Casey consults for brands, businesses, and universities around the world, her expertise appearing in Oprah, Health, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Health and InStyle.

When her initial pursuit of a career in evangelical ministry was disrupted by a mental health crisis, Casey was forced to reckon with the harmful impact of purity culture and systemic homophobia on her sense of self. After coming out as queer at a college that expressly forbid “homosexual behavior”, Casey made it her mission to disrupt barriers to authenticity by pursuing her masters in counseling with a specialization in sexual and gender diversity, and ultimately received her Sexual Health Certificate from University of Michigan.

Casey is the founder and CEO of The Expansive Group, a gender and sex therapy start-up that serves over 500 LGBTQIA+ clients annually. As producer and co-host of Safeword Podcast, Casey is a trusted advisor to audiences seeking to undo their sex miseducation, cultivate authenticity, and expand their relational imaginations.

Where It All Started:

Queer Sex Therapy

@queersextherapy takes seriously the assertion that access to pleasure positive, intersectional sex education is a human right by providing daily+ free resources related to gender, sexuality, relationships via social media. Backed by a team of queer sex educators and creatives, QST has become an internationally recognized resource answering the question, “what is the future of sex education?”

Sex, Relationship, and Gender Education

Expansive Ed

A community-centered platform for learning about sex, gender and relationships facilitated by therapists and educators from The Expansive Group, JExpansive Ed is designed to gather queer folks, sex nerds, therapists, coaches, educators, and activists who want to join our movement towards liberating the field of sexuality.  With weekly support groups, workshops, courses, and more, you can think of us as your online toolbox for navigating the world of sexuality with more ease, creativity and boldness.

Therapy & Coaching

The Expansive Group

The Expansive Group is a team of sex therapists, pleasure activists, and game-changers who work with individuals, relationships and groups on concerns and resiliencies related to identities, life transitions, trauma, and relationships. We approach all of our services through a kink, BDSM, non-monogamy, and queer-affirming lens. While we are technically a business, we operate more as a movement.

Two humans embrace: a Black person with curly hair pulled up neatly into a ponytail hugs their partner, faces away from camera; a white person with light red hair and freckles, smiles, eyes closed, wraps their arms around their partner.

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