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Join me and my colleagues in our virtual community for queer folks, sex nerds, coaches, educators and therapists.  Get courses, workshops, support groups and more!

Expansive Ed
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Business Partnerships

Influencer Marketing & Content Development
I specialize in making accurate, pleasure-positive, evidence-based concepts readily accessible, insightful and visually appealing. I help brands develop digital content that speaks to their values around sexual and gender expansiveness.

Executive & Small Team Training

Casey works with leaders one-on-one and in small teams to build on your existing knowledge around gender and sexuality, to move you from a place of anxiety and uncertainty to one of confidence and expertise.

Organizational Mental Model Shift

I help your organization adapt to shifting cultural norms and a new generation of gender expansive consumers by training in inclusive, cutting edge practices. I evaluate readiness for change across stakeholders, and custom-tailor a transformational strategy for your organization that might include:

  • Didactic Workshops
  • Focus Groups
  • Affinity Groups1:1 or Small Team Coaching
  • Policy & Procedure Updates

Communication & Positioning
Regardless of their own gender or sexual orientation, savvy buyers know a queer-affirming business when they see one. Explicit company support for the LGBTQIA+ community - through language, culture and behavior - builds trust. Casey helps businesses assess their current relationship with the community, and provide strategies for growing that relationship through gender expansive marketing strategies.

Casey, a white person with blue eyes and blonde/brown hair, wears a black strappy vest over a white top and red pants. They sit against a white wall, as they smile and casually lift their left arm to their hairline.


Therapy + Intensives

Casey is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Sex Therapist, and offers private intensive workshops for individuals and relationships who are:

  • Looking for a more expansive understanding of their gender and/or sexuality
  • Are new to navigating sex and/or queer sex, and are looking for personalized instruction
  • In crisis around a relationship concern
  • Craving a deep dive into how to create more intimacy with a partner or partner(s)
  • Navigating the coming out process, either around gender, sexuality, or non-monogamy
  • Experiencing a major life shift, and curious to explore implications and receive support for daily life


Speaking Engagements

Casey regularly speaks at businesses, universities, non-profit organizations, and events about expansive gender, sexuality and relationships. Topics can be custom-tailored to your audience size, identities, and goals. 

Two humans kiss and embrace, as warm soft light streams in from large multi-paned windows behind them.



Are you a student, early career therapist, or practice owner looking to accelerate your career or explore sex therapy?  Casey offers guidance to folks looking to accelerate their careers while remaining values-led. They assist folks in:

  • Creating their own businesses
  • Taking their private or group practice to the next level
  • Developing a social media marketing strategy
  • Launching a successful therapy career
  • Applying to schools, internships, fellowships and postgraduate positions
  • Pursuing AASECT certification to become a sex therapist
  • Providing more affirming care to queer and non-monogamous clients

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